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What to do After You've Been Accepted into College

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  1. May Day.

  2. International Workers’ Day.

  3. Maypole dances

  4. National Decision Day

The end of April is quickly approaching and National Decision Day, May 1st, will be here shortly. Many high school seniors are making final decisions on which college or university they will attend. For many families, this time can be extremely stressful. It’s important for students and families to realize that while it is an important decision, it is one that can be changed; it’s not written in stone nor a matter of life and death. Alleviating the pressure can help students to consider factors such as cost, programs, location, and campus culture to help them make an informed decision. Once a student makes a decision then there are some other steps they need to take:

1. Pay the deposit. Students need to check to make sure they receive confirmation and go through the particular institution's instructions and complete any necessary action items. Often universities will require students to send in a deposit or other forms to confirm their enrollment.

2. Decline other admissions. Students will also need to go and decline admission to any other colleges that they were accepted into.

3. Research financial aid. If a student needs financial assistance, they can start researching scholarships, grants, and student loans. The university's financial aid office can provide them with information on potential funding options and the application process.

4. Register for new student orientation. This one is self-explanatory. Make sure you sign up. (take any placement tests before the deadlines)

5.Plan housing: If students plan to live on campus or in off-campus housing, they need to start looking at their options and getting in touch with potential roommates. Some universities have deadlines for submitting housing applications, so it's important to stay on top of this. For some living-learning communities, students will have to complete an application.

6. Register for courses. Students will also register for classes in the summer. Once they have been accepted, the university will send instructions on how to register for classes. Students need to be sure to follow these instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to reach out to the university’s registrar’s office if they have any questions.

7. Attend new student orientation. Many universities have new student orientation programs where students can meet other incoming students, learn more about campus life and resources, and get a feel for the university community. Students will usually place some courses they want to take in a digital cart at orientation as well.

8. Start planning for the move: If students are moving to attend university, start planning their move well in advance. Make a checklist of everything they need to do (and pack) for the trip. Start making travel arrangements if necessary.

Now students can take a deep breath and enjoy a dance around the Maypole!

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