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Dear Seniors,

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

When I was a child, there was a popular newspaper editorial called “Dear Abby”. People from all ages and walks of life would ask heartfelt questions to Abby, seeking wise counsel. I’m definitely not as wise as Abby but over the years these are some tips I’ve learned that have helped high school students not only enjoy their college years but also thrive.

For most students, take the same level of math you took in high school. There’s a lot of adjusting to college life.

Leave your dorm in the morning and try not to come back until the night (it will help you meet people and get involved).

Remember you can do uncomfortable things, so asking someone if you can eat with them for a meal may turn into a life-long friendship or a good story to tell your friends. Everyone else is trying to find their people/tribe and who they will be eating and spending time with.

It’s OK to not hang out with the same people you meet the first week of class.

Register for at least one more class than you want so after you go to class during the first week and look at the syllabus you can drop a class and still be a full-time student.

Give yourself a bedtime (there’s even an app) and go to bed when it goes off.

Drink about 64 oz of water daily.

Make sure you eat enough protein—that beautiful brain needs fuel.

Choose your friends wisely; you are the mean (average) of your five closest friends.

Don’t act impulsively. Think through the consequences of your actions (pleasant and unpleasant ones).

Learn as much as you can, and soak up the knowledge that is there.

Get involved with a club, research opportunity, or intramural sport.

Go to office hours even if you understand the content. If you are struggling, the professor or TA can really help. If you think you already know the material, ask them to give you some practice problems, and then you’ll know for sure if you’ve mastered the content. One day you may need a letter of recommendation.

Schedule time to work out, study, and meet with friends. Create the life that helps foster your best self.

When things get lonely and hard, don’t hide or isolate. You can always reach out to me, a family member, or a friend.

I can't wait to watch you soar!


Alice Hancock

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